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My Portfolio
3D Modeling and Printing
I am currently looking for work. Although I do not have any professional experience in 3D modeling and printing, I have been pursuing it diligently as a hobby for over two years, and feel confident in my ability to bring that passion to the workplace. Working in the field of additive manufacturing would be my dream job! Below are just a few examples of my skills and creations I have produced.
Autodesk Fusion 360 (1/5)
Laun-Dro-Mask (2/5)
Homemade 3D Scanner (3/5)
Archi-Tech (4/5)
Miniatures (5/5)
Electronics and Coding
Electronics (particularly Arduino) and coding are other fields I have a keen interest in.
Skull Jack (1/4)
Schmiedeler Says (2/4)
RGB LED Color Picker and Diffusion Tester (3/4)
Other Projects and Hobbies
Crosswords (1/4)
Schmurdlebot (2/4)
Woodworking (3/4)
Model Making (4/4)
Work: Miller Samuel, Inc., 2018-2023
Up until early 2023, I worked for Miller Samuel Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants - a firm considered by most to be the most prestigious residential appraisal firms in all of New York. My four-and-a-half years there was an incredible experience, but I ultimately decided that the field of real estate was not for me, and that it was time to pursue something more aligned with my real passions (see above).
Jonathan J. Miller (1/4)
Data Gathering & Report Tracking (2/4)
Inspection Site Work (3/4)
IT Support & Specialty Projects (4/4)
Work: Thinkwell, 2001-2018
For 17 years I was a web and database developer for Thinkwell, an e-learning company based in Austin, Texas. Below are some examples of the work I did for the Thinkwell public website, the Thinkwell content management system, and tools I authored for internal use.
Public Website: The Thinkwell Marketing Shell (1/11)
Public Website: The Checkout Process (2/11)
Public Website: Content Search (3/11)
Public Website: Video Lectures (4/11)
Public Website: Instructor's Guide (5/11)
Public Website: Instructor's Resource Manager (6/11)
Internal CMS: Syllabus Builder (7/11)
Internal CMS: Lecture Health Report (8/11)
Internal Tools: Closed Captioning Generator (9/11)
Internal Tools: Note Builder (10/11)
Internal Tools: GIF to MathML (11/11)
Previous Work: Texas DSHS and Other Website Work
Here is some contract work and a few additional websites I have done. (1/6)
Jen's Portfolio (2/6)
Texas Family Planning Annual Report (3/6)
FPAR Database Design (4/6)
Text Adventure (Personal Project) (5/6)
Text Adventure Database Design (6/6)